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Wild Idea Lab

Not Currently Available for Purchase

Doors open again for a limited time starting March 18,2020. 

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Wild Idea Lab is a membership community designed specifically for emerging and established photographers, filmmakers, and artists working in conservation and science communication.

Find new levels of creativity and strength in a community built especially for you. 

The very nature of our conservation storytelling work means we often find ourselves working alone, or in creatively isolating situations. It's all too easy to feel unsure of the next best step in a story, a project, or in your business as a professional. Worst of all, it's easy to run low on creativity, compassion, optimism or patience.

Wild Idea Lab is your antidote. 

Wild Idea Lab brings together conservation creatives from around the world, with wildly diverse backgrounds in experience, skill sets, ways of approaching stories and advocacy, and unique connections to all aspects of the conservation world. 

Through this platform, we can far more easily:

  • make new connections with peers and collaborators across disciplines and creative mediums
  • find answers to tough questions, from ethics to business
  • spark fresh ideas we'd never come up with working solo
  • troubleshoot concepts and projects to find a brilliant path forward
  • learn surprising and helpful skills from one another
  • find extra support during our conservation efforts
  • share opportunities for professional development

Wild Idea Lab is where we come together from across the world and across disciplines to help one another make big, positive impacts through visual storytelling.

No matter where you are in your journey as a conservation visual storyteller, you're in the right place.

Whether part time, full time, amateur, pro, if you're on your first project or on your fiftieth assignment, you need a community that works toward your success.

You need resources for learning fresh aspects of this work, such as access to inspiring masterclasses and informative articles that address topics specific to our unique work as photographers, filmmakers and artists - knowledge found exclusively inside Wild Idea Lab.

You need support from peers and pros as you dive into new stories, navigate through projects, build buzz around your finished work, or launch conservation campaigns. 

You need information for building stronger foundations for your business or new connections for financial success in this field. From facilitated mastermind groups to networking opportunities, you'll find help inside Wild Idea Lab. 

You need a place to bounce your ideas off of other people as you wrestle with a big project - people who speak the same creative language, yet have varied backgrounds and unique insights.

You need a community of people who have the answers to the highly specific questions you come across in your work - answers you can't find anywhere else. 

Wild Idea Lab provides resources specific to the needs of conservation visual storytellers, and helps you rapidly hit new levels of success in your work.

Everything you need to excel, all in one place.

🎉 COMMUNITY: Find comfort in community on a platform designed specifically for emerging and established conservation visual storytellers. Post your questions and answer those from others, run polls, create articles, get feedback on portfolios, make new friends and so much more. 

📚 EDUCATION: Continuously learn how to grow your skills and strategies in photography with monthly Masterclasses on key topics from creative skills to business skills, all lead by skilled instructors. Read through regularly posted content on a wide range of topics from copyright to business structure, from shooting techniques to marketing strategies for conservation issues.

📈 ACCELERATION: Ramp up your business or make major progress on projects through facilitated Mastermind groups that help you tackle big questions in a small group setting of peers and accountability partners

🙋🏽‍♀️ NETWORKING: Enjoy the ease of networking among peers locally or across the world, to find inspiration, introductions, leads and collaboration possibilities. Create new connections that will help expand the reach and effectiveness of conservation visual storytelling efforts. 

📆 EVENTS: Be in the moment in real time through our live events (which happen both online and in-person) which include expert interviews, member spotlights, and video hang-out sessions!

📱 ACCESS ANYWHERE: Access our community from anywhere in the world on any device thanks to our mobile device app. Keep up with conversations, post questions or articles, attend live events and more all from your phone!  No mo FOMO. 

💰 GRANTS & SCHOLARSHIPS: A percentage of membership revenue is reinvested back into members through grants and scholarships.

Doors open again for a limited time starting March 18,2020. 

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Fine Print

Because Wild Idea Lab is hosted on Mighty Networks, our members agree to follow Mighty Network terms of use and privacy policies. Please review and be aware of the contents of these policies. 

We also have our own member guidelines and policies listed under the Navigating Wild Idea Lab topic inside the community. These outline expectations of behavior as a member of the community (you know, the basic stuff like being a nice person). You'll be able to review these upon becoming a member. 

Our Price Predictability Promise: When you subscribe to Wild Idea Lab, your membership subscription rate is locked in. As long as you remain a member in good standing of Wild Idea Lab, the annual membership subscription rate at which you signed up will be the same year after year, regardless of any future price increases.  

We hope that you'll love being part of Wild Idea Labs so much that once you join, you'll never want to leave. And we do our best to make sure your experience of this amazing community is nothing but stellar. Your membership supports both you and your peers - from allowing us to provide focused community facilitation and regular masterclasses lead by top instructors, to reinvesting a portion of all proceeds back into the community through grants and scholarships. However, if you do indeed choose to end your membership with Wild Idea Labs, please be aware that we do not offer refunds for cancelled memberships. 

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